EUROPA: Νέο συρόμενο Hybrid A40 SL με κορυφαία θερμομονωτικά χαρακτηριστικά

The new sliding insulation system  EUROPA Hybrid A40 SL  is the leading proposal  EUROPA  regarding the architectural sliding High thermal insulation systems. The design of profiles in straight lines follows modern architectural trends.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the design of the series to provide increased U f thermal insulation   of  1.63 W / m 2 K , as well as increased sound insulation. Specially designed double extruded tires made of EPDM material in combination with Expanded – EPDM, as well as the use of EPS insulation materials inside the chambers, achieve a significant increase in thermal insulation.

The range is designed to fit perfectly with the opening Hybrid A40 SI & HS. It also has the capability of mounting a multi-lock mechanism for maximum security and gives the added capability of constructing sliding typologies.

Technical briefs:

  • High certified U f thermal insulation  of 1.63 W / m 2 K
  • Certificates of typology for high-performance air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance
  • Design profiles with straight lines
  • Lift & Slide and multiple locking mechanism for maximum safety
  • Possibility of mounting double or triple glazing up to 36mm for high levels of thermal insulation and sound insulation
  • Use extra sealing hose at bottom and side of driver
  • Overlapping, lifting or simply, single-leaf with external fixed, composite structures

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